Do you ever wish you had an English language expert on hand to ensure that your written communication is clear, accurate and exceptionally well-written? Put my 30 years of language expertise to work for you!

For more than 30 years, I’ve been a professional copy-editor of written texts –from annual reports and product brochures to journalistic articles, website content, business correspondence, scientific and academic papers, and books. Whether you are looking for simple proofreading, more in-depth editing or complete copy writing, let me help you to communicate precisely what you mean to say with style and impact.

I appreciate working with Elisa very much. Her language skills are highly proficient; she is intuitive and therefore able to find the right translation even when topics are difficult to explain. She is very accurate and deals with subjects in great detail. All her translated articles and text blocks have received positive feedback from my university colleagues and other experts. I highly recommend her service to others.”

Professor Dr. Andreas de Bruin, Munich University of Applied Sciences

The translation of my biography from German into English was done with grace and clarity indeed. These are the traits that can be seen in Elisa Graf’s way of working and living. She can make an ordinary text into a beautiful piece of prose by her deep delving into the meaning of the message. She really does a polishing job as I would call it. It’s not just a translation. I can highly recommend her translating abilities and her collaboration in making the English edition a work of its own.

Professor Declan Kennedy